Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is an important year at PBA.  Boys work as a team to master increasingly challenging and complex academic topics while also learning to become more self-reliant students in preparation for middle school.  It is crucial for students to have a home base as they grow into more independent citizens of the community, so fifth graders at PBA are members of a homeroom class in which they learn English, history, math, and study skills.  Because these subjects are taught in the homeroom setting, there are many opportunities to integrate concepts across curricula.


  • Writing skills are developed gradually over the course of the year, beginning with sentence types and structure, moving into paragraphs and letters, and finishing the year with interest-based expository essays.
  • Typing and computer skills are introduced and reinforced during a weekly class with the school’s laptop computer lab.
  • Math concepts are reinforced with hands-on activities and self-correction of homework assignments.
  • Memorization-based concepts are presented and reviewed with songs and games.
  • Organization and study skills are demonstrated and practiced as parts of daily class procedures.
  • History and English concepts are assessed in a variety of ways.

-Projects and posters           
-Writing assignments
-Persuasive speeches
-Song parodies
-Three-dimensional models