As of September 2022 our current Covid-19 Safety Policy is:

PBA’s overarching covid-19 policy has two key components:

  1. We follow the guidance provided for schools by Alameda County, the state of California, and the CDC, and we monitor this information closely to be aware of changes.
  1. We employ additional safety precautions for all activities involving singing.

At the outset of the 2022-23 school year, our policies will be as follows:

  • Masks are optional for daily activities other than singing. Students should keep a supply of masks on hand for music classes and rehearsals.
  • All classrooms will be well ventilated, with multiple doors and/or windows open and/or air purifiers running.
  • Any individual who is singing must wear a mask.
  • Anyone who shows symptoms of covid-19 must wear a mask.
  • Anyone who tests positive for covid-19 must isolate for five days or until they are symptom-free, whichever is longer.
  • Anyone who returns to school after five or more days of isolation must wear a mask for an additional five days.
  • We strive to be a fully vaccinated community. We will ask all families for proof of vaccination for all children enrolled in our programs and for any other family members who plan to be on campus. If a family chooses not to be vaccinated or not to provide proof, we will ask them to provide proof of weekly negative tests for any children enrolled in our programs, as well as for any other family members who spend time on campus.

We will monitor our county’s recommendations and adjust our policy as needed. We will use email to communicate with families about any updates in covid-19 policies. Please address any questions about our covid policies to the Head of School.


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