Pacific Boychoir Academy (PBA) is a grade 3-8 day school for boys, offering music, math, science, humanities, Spanish, Latin, physical education, theater, and art.  Founded in 2004, the school has ranged from 6 to over 60 students who enjoy varied learning approaches, combining traditional classroom structures with hands-on projects, group work, creative activities, and arts integration. With nearly 30 students currently enrolled, faculty members offer boys the encouragement, creativity, inspiration, and one-on-one attention they need at an 8:1 student to teacher ratio. This provides a stimulating environment appropriate to the strengths and needs of young boys, toward strong academic and personal development, professional musical performances, and vital preparation for high school. PBA develops scholars, artists, and gentlemen.


Our small class sizes allows for an exceptional level of attention and interaction between teacher and students, with the freedom to build, explore, and expand knowledge and understanding.


Boys work as a team to master increasingly challenging and complex academic topics while also learning to become more self-reliant students.

Some schools have a choir, but a choir school is a school where all the students sing as part of the choir. Pacific Boychoir Academy is modeled after the successful choir schools that exist around the world today.

The Humanities program consist of history, literature, and writing classes. There is an additional language arts program for 6th graders and Latin for 7th and 8th graders.

3rd graders dive into the “underworld” of negatives and explore absolute values. The 4th and 5th grades work on incorporating absolute value into two step equations. Students in later grades explore the language of mathematics, mean, median, mode  and pre-Algebra basics, then venturing into Algebra 2 and pre-Calculus/Trigonometry concepts.

The younger grades investigate electricity, and creating simple circuits that can be closed using wires, batteries, and light bulbs. Older grades work with maps and minerals, animal and plant cells and how they function. Finally, the 8th grade investigate elements and the structure of an atom.


Your generous contributions ensure that all interested boys and girls have the opportunity to experience our transformative academic and music programs.

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