Our 3rd graders dove into the “underworld” of negatives and explore absolute value. The 4th and 5th worked on incorporating absolute value into two step equations. All grade levels participated in the annual Tiny Home project, where they strengthened their geometry skills by building 3D homes to scale and completing listing agreements. The homes were all amazing, ranging in value from $1500 to a “gem” in area 51, listed at $5,000,000,000…Sounds like the Bay Area!

In 6th grade, students explored the language of mathematics, mean, median, mode and pre-algebra basics, including like terms and solving for variables with exponents and roots. The 7th and 8th graders were given the choice to “up their game,” as they called it- or work from grade level books-all grades chose the challenge, venturing into Algebra 2 and Pre Calculus/Trigonometry concepts to find heights and distances. The base assessment scores for the material were a 71 average, and at the conclusion of the unit, the average was 89.4; what an impressive trimester!


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