In science, the 3rd, 4th, 5th grader class has been investigating electricity. They felt the shock of static electricity transferred to their finger from a pie pan, and they are currently working on creating simple circuits that can be closed using wires, batteries, and light bulbs. They will then use this device to send messages across rooms with light using Morse Code.

The 6th grade finished their unit on maps with a scavenger hunt around campus, using the map of PBA they designed and specific coordinates they were given to find a hidden treasure. Now they are using a dichotomous key to identify certain minerals. Next up they will journey through the rock cycle and create a comic about their adventure.

The 7th grade has been exploring the composition of animal and plant cells and how they function.They also recently completed a lab where they observed alcoholic fermentation in action. The balloons inflated to varying degrees as yeast and sugar were combined in varying concentrations to produce ATP and carbon dioxide.

Finally, the 8th grade has been investigating the properties of the elements and the structure of an atom. They recently completed a lab where they observed that when different elements are excited by heat (fire), they emit different wavelengths on the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.


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