Complimentary Interactive Assembly for Your School

The Pacific Boychoir Academy, an Oakland-based GRAMMY-winning boychoir, offers to bring a complimentary 45-minute interactive assembly to your school. Parents & siblings of your student body are welcome to attend, at your discretion.

Music Director Andrew Brown leads an educational and interactive experience where each choral piece is introduced with context given to allow participants to learn the fundamentals of singing in multiple vocal parts, creating harmony, and how composers use different techniques to enliven their music with imagery. Audience members are invited to participate in singing a cannon where they will be shown how applying minor corrections to their posture and head position will immediately improve the quality of sound they are able to produce.

Following is a list of days of the week & rough assembly start times that are available to you:*

Tuesdays: 9/9:30am, 11/11:15a, or anytime between 1:15-2pm

Wednesdays:  9/9:30am, 11/11:15a, or 12:45 (early dismissal days)
*Alternate weekdays may be available upon request.

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Audiences will learn about our after-school choral program, where boys and girls ages 4-18 have an opportunity to find their voices through training, performance and mentoring. Postcard invitations to visit our campus and attend a rehearsal, as well as complimentary admission to upcoming concerts, will be distributed to assembly participants, that they may share the opportunity more meaningfully with their families.

We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling your assembly!


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