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Tuesday, March 22, 2022  •  Number 1

Welcome to our new newsletter!
This is the first edition of the Pacific Boychoir Academy’s newsletter for our fans, donors, supporters, and families. Keep up with the whirlwind activities of our favorite day school and choir. Short bits of news and photos about everyday activities of our amazing boys and the beautiful music they make.

The PBA Alum and the 3rd Grader

On Wednesday March 9th, PBA alum, Noah Boonin, returned to the PBA stage along with his acapella group, The YellowJackets, from the University of Rochester. They spent the day mentoring PBA students, then presented an energetic and fun evening performance of choreographed songs. The highlight was when Noah invited PBA students to the stage to sing with the group.

Brett Colvin, PBA day school 3rd grader was thrilled to join in. “I loved it. It was extremely fun. The YellowJackets helped me a lot by directing me and showing me what to do. With their help, I felt like I could do it.”

According to PBA day school music teacher, Steve Blum, “We see mentorship and camaraderie between boys at all levels of our program as an important part of what we do.” In Noah’s words, “We are from all over, but the ONE thing that brings us together is singing!”

Young Alchemists

Students recently began their next unit on chemistry, beginning with a look into famous Alchemists and their discoveries. Here, they are discovering what substances are acidic or alkaline using universal indicator and the scientific method. We will continue our exploration of chemical reactions, ending with a deep look into the chemistry that lies behind cooking.

The PBA Boys go on retreat!

  • After 2 years PBA choristers in our Cantori and Troubador ensembles returned to St. Dorothy’s Rest for our winter retreat.

  • Retreat serves as an important part of being a chorister in PBA team building activities, rehearsal, and recreational activities create closer connections between students. 

    I’m Cadence Strange. I am a former Head Boy of PBA, and currently sing as an alto with the High School Troubadors. I had the opportunity to be a Junior Counselor this past weekend for the Day School/Cantori retreat. It’s was an awesome experience, especially considering this was our first gathering off campus since 2020 two years!

Retreat is all about strengthening, if not making, friendships with other choristers. We have all found our way to music in different ways. Why not share this at a location as beautiful as St. Dorothy’s Rest? I remember my first retreat as a day-schooler in 2016/2017. A senior held my score of Carmina Burana while I sang. Carmina Burana is a great work by Carl Orff that we will be performing this spring with both the Marin Symphony and Cal Performances in Berkeley. Come check out some of the incredible music our boys are working on this Spring!

PBA is now accepting Day School Applications for the 2022-23 school year.

Learn about our unparalleled academic and music programs, student leadership opportunities and our “Best for Boys” approach. 
We are actively looking for students to join our day school. Interested families should contact Peter Kenton, Director of Admissions and Outreach, at admissions@pacificboychoir.org 
Get more details HERE.

PBA to sing with the East Bay Opera Guild’s Adler’s Fellows on April 2 in Lafayette.

Named for Kurt Herbert Adler, San Francisco Opera’s legendary former general director, the Adler Fellowship Program is a multi-year, performance-oriented residency for opera’s most promising young artists.
A group of our Pacific Boychoir choristers have been invited to sing several selections before the Adler singers perform. There’s a meet and greet reception afterwards. A wonderful program! Don’t miss it.

More info HERE.

Pollinator Unit Concludes

Students recently finished their unit on pollinators which will culminate in designing and maintaining our very own native plant garden on campus.


Student interpretations of a pollinator
Students created detailed models of pollinators which are now on display in the science room.
Guessing Game

Who am I?
Students were assigned various pollinators and had to ask each other yes or no questions to determine what pollinators they were.
Join one of our After School choirs.
  • We are actively recruiting students to join our after school program. Interested families should contact Peter Kenton, director of Admissions and Outreach, at admissions@pacificboychoir.org

  • Our Choristers are rehearsing in person and can make music together again! Get more information HERE.

Upcoming Pacific Boychoir Concerts

Spring concerts are still in the planning stages, but the list below provides some dates for your calendar. Click the April Concerts for more details and to order tickets.

  • Pacific Boychoir Performs at the San Francisco Opera Guild, East Bay Chapter’s Adler Fellows Concert on April 2. Tickets and more info HERE.
  • The PBA performs Carmina Burana with the Marin Symphony on April 23 and 24. Tickets and more info HERE.
  • UC Berkeley – University Chorus and Chamber Chorus performs Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, along with members from UC Alumni Chorus and featuring Pacific BoyChoir Academy. – Tickets and more info HERE
  • PBA Spring Concerts: May 14 and 15 – Details TBA.

Did you know?
The Pacific Boychoir sang at two Nelson Mandela memorials on the same day in cities 3000 miles apart!
After PBA’s summer tour to South Africa, the choir was invited to sing at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. on December 11, 2013. Former San Francisco mayor, Willie Brown, asked the choir to sing at SF City Hall on the same day!
PBA co-founders Kevin Fox and Marcia Roy split the choir into two groups and accompanied one to DC while Associate Director Jonathan Hampton led the other group in SF.
Above on the left you see the boys on the stairs in City Hall behind Willie Brown and on the right you see then Vice President Biden speaking between the boys in chairs.
Jump ahead in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYLTUS8Lz0I to 1:31:30 to see the PBA boys, directed by Kevin Fox, sing before the Vice President and diplomats and dignitaries from around the world.


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