Choristers are required to attend all rehearsals. If your child is ill and will be absent, please email or leave a message at 510-652-4722, x16 by noon of the rehearsal day. If a chorister is to miss a rehearsal for ‘out of town’, doctor appointments or similar,  advanced notification is greatly appreciated by the director. For rehearsals that fall on holidays, two weeks notice must be given for an absence to be excused.

Drop Off/Pick Up

The gate code is 1789X.

Street parking is available and there is curbside drop-off directly in front of the school. Please do not double-park and leave your vehicle. You may drop your chorister off any time after 4pm, inside the gate.

Late students should head straight back to the rehearsal room where the class is held. If you know your child will be late or absent, please email or leave a message at 510-652-4722  x16.

Once we have your parental consent and online registration complete, you may either stay on campus and enjoy our parent lounge (with wifi) or take your leave. Prompt pick up is appreciated. Choristers will be dismissed from the yard and must be met by a parent or a previously assigned contact. If a chorister is to be released to a guardian other than one listed in their approved contact list, please make prior arrangements naming the guardian through This policy applies to performances as well. Choristers 18 years old may leave on their own.

An additional consent form is required if your child will be taking any form of public transport to and from rehearsal.

What to Wear & Bring

Choristers are required to wear approved PBA uniform tops to rehearsal and should dress comfortably and wear closed-toed shoes. Choristers are provided a music bag after their 6 week intro period.

Please have them bring these tools for learning to all rehearsals:

  • a water bottle
  • music bag
  • theory card
  • Notespeller workbook.
  • 4 pencils in their music bag at all times


Snack - Parents Rotate Bringing

Snack duty rotates among all choir families so that every rehearsal date,  a small snack is provided for rehearsing choristers. Details and sign-ups are accessible in Curacubby & at Each family should sign-up to bring snack 1-2 times during the season.

Small Groups

Your chorister will be invited to participate in small group work during the season. Small groups are focused, 4-participant classes held for half an hour directly after rehearsal,  where choristers work on music theory and get extra attention from faculty. Links to signup for small group will be in Curacubby.

Choristers are encouraged to sign up for one small group each month. If a spot remains available the day of rehearsal, it is open to any chorister that registers for it.