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Small Groups

Your son will be invited to participate in small group work during the season. Small groups are focused, 4-participant classes held directly after rehearsal (6:15-6:45pm) where choristers work on music theory and get extra attention from faculty.

Links to signup for small group are in Curacubby will be on the Troubadors teacher page in Gradelink and at Choristers are encouraged to sign up for one small group each month. If a spot remains available the day of rehearsal, it is open to any chorister that registers for it.

Rehearsal - Drop off/Pick up


Troubadors choristers are required to attend all rehearsals: Date/Time to be listed here…

If your child is ill and will be absent, please email or leave a message at 510-652-4722, x16 by noon of the rehearsal day. If a chorister is to miss a rehearsal for anything other than sickness, please contact the director at least two weeks ahead to discuss that rehearsal. For rehearsals that fall on holidays, two weeks notice must be given for an absence to be excused.

What to wear & bring

Details to be listed here…

Gig Sheet

Concerts to be confirmed.


Camp details to be listed here.