Choral Scholar – Brenn Farrell

Congratulations to our newest Choral Scholar, Brenn Farrell! Due to his concerted efforts over many years, Brenn has finished his second gray card, completing PBA’s theory curriculum! Over PBA’s nearly 25-year history, Brenn is only the 5th chorister to achieve this accomplishment. Brenn joined PBA at age seven as a member of the Minstrel Choir, and began attending the Choir School in fifth grade. He is currently in eighth grade, and is the PBA Head Boy. Finishing all of the theory cards is no small feat. Brenn had to show mastery of tonal harmony as well as professional level musicianship skills. Brenn spent significant time practicing conducting, writing a 100-measure idiomatic piano piece, studying languages, analyzing music, and more. Congratulations to Brenn for his hard work.



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