Page 2 - Quarter Notes - May 2020 - Quarantine Edition
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Quarterly Newsletter - Volume 2
The Zoom Where
it Happened
In PE, Mr. Leo has students attend their twice-weekly Zoom classes, where they workout with peers,
in large groups and then with a friend in 11 different breakout rooms. Each student is responsible for recording his progress and goals in his weekly fitness tracker. Finally, students are working independently, creating movies weekly as part of their ongoing Physical Fitness Video Challenges. The effort and creativity is more
impressive every week, from the first athlete home obstacle course, to the latest fitness chore challenge.
Students have been preparing for unit exams via zoom, mastering algebra skills and learning about volume by using toilet paper
rolls. Ms. Dittmer holds daily 1:1 sessions, posts videos and has been very impressed that her students have logged more than 200 hours on the challenging math website,!
May 2020
Campus is Closed - but Minds are
Open - How PBA Teachers Are Keeping
Students Engaged
In Science, students are
diving into the Scientific
Method through webquests
and Zoom class discussions
in preparation for planning
and conducting their
Science Expo experiments.
They will then share their
results via Zoom for the
community. Other students
have begun exploring the
Science of Sound, starting
by creating their own
shelter in place, homemade
instruments. With the help
of Mr. Leo, they will then
create a song on Ableton
Live with their bandmates and present their song and scientific findings at our weekly Zoom Town Hall! Lastly, students are also exploring heredity via the world of Harry Potter. Through lecture and discussion, students are able to identify different types of heredity as seen in the characters of Harry Potter. Next up, they will be using their knowledge to construct their own genetic monsters and see what their offspring could look like!
In Spanish, students
have been introduced
to the quirky, silly,
world of Señor
Wooly. Señor Wooly
is a Spanish language
platform that uses
music, stories, and
games to acquire
language. It’s perfect
for our boys! Younger
students have enjoyed getting to know a cast of outrageous characters, including scarves and boots that fall in love, a hat that has stage fright, and Señor Wooly himself. Our 7th and 8th graders are following dramas about getting amnesia, and the first rejection of young love. All the while they are learning lots of new grammar and vocabulary. Mrs. Jensen meets with students in small groups weekly to practice speaking, discuss the Señor Wooly dramas, and to go over new vocab they will need for the following week’s Señor Wooly videos.

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