Page 7 - Quarter Notes - May 2020 - Quarantine Edition
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Quarterly Newsletter - Volume 2
May 2020
Big, Bold 2020 Vision for PBA
Trust in the power of commitment
Dear PBA Community,
When we embarked on our Big, Bold 2020 Vision in February, with sights set on raising $1 million by October, little did we know that we would
face another significant financial challenge for the third year in a row! The incredible thing about setting intentions, as day school parent Chris Ategeka taught me, at our community launch event, is that you do not know exactly how you will achieve it when you start. Thanks to Jeanne Dunn and many of you, we are on track with our goal to raise $1 million, and have proudly raised $100,000 per month since February.
We hope you will join us and be one of the first 100 to commit to being
a Gold Star Donor at the $1,000 level. Now that we are turning 21, “an officially adult organization,” we know it is time to become owners of a building, not renters, and to establish an endowment, ensuring we maintain this unique education paradigm long into the future.
Crisis activates the “highlighter effect,” illuminating in our case three core
tenets: agility, resilience, and the essential nature of music for healing.
Our faculty ‘turned on a dime’ and have engaged each of our students remotely, maintaining the choir ‘team’ experience, despite everyone singing ‘alone’ on Zoom rehearsals. Music heals, creates bonds and can help express a vast array of emotion. Our small but mighty institution prepares students for life on many levels, and your support now ensures we establish the foundation required to withstand whatever the future holds. There may well be a surge in demand for small class size now. There is tremendous opportunity when the power of small is recognized.
If you are interested in a major gift that can allow us to take advantage of low interest rates for a building purchase, or would like to establish your planned giving, please contact me. Summer and I look forward to speaking with you about your ideas and plans.
    With Gratitude, Johanna Ortis, Development Director
In Memorium Jeanne Dunn
It is with a heavy heart
we share the news that
Jeanne Dunn passed on
March 20th, 2020 after
a valiant battle with
bone cancer. Jeanne was
a significant part of the
Pacific Boychoir family
from the very early days. As a member of Montclair Presbyterian Church, she and Marcia were dear friends even before PBA was founded. In 1999 Jeanne was one of the inaugral Board members, and then she transitioned to become part of the administrative staff in 2006, until 2011 when she continued her involvement as a volunteer and donor. A bookkeeper by trade, Jeanne brought those skills to bear at the board level, supporting Pam Weimer when she had the bookkeeping role, and then took it on herself when the day school
started, until it was passed on to Heli Roiha. Alum, Peter Kenton, recalls buying snacks from her when he was a day school chorister. “She would have a stash at her desk for anyone that wanted to buy from her store if they forgot lunch or were hungry!”
Jeanne loved music and was an excellent singer. You could find her singing soprano in the church choir,
or crooning a Cole Porter ballad. We celebrated her 80th birthday last summer as she led us through a Rogers and Hart sing-along. She was a big supporter of the PBA motor coach, and was very excited to hear about the Big, Bold 2020 Vision campaign plans to buy the building. Jeanne has made sure her legacy with PBA lives on long after her passing. Her parting legacy gift truly couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. We are all acutely aware of the fragile environment for performing arts institutions due to the COVID-19 closures. Thanks to her commitment to the classical choral arts, Jeanne has helped to ensure that our ambitious goals will be reached. Jeanne will always be remembered, and will be sorely missed by her PBA family.

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