He thrived! – Sports guy

If you had asked me years ago if our son would be interested in singing, I probably would have done a spit-take. He is a sports guy. He likes tennis, basketball, football and any form of competition, including competitive elbowing to get to the front of the line. When these folks say they speak Boy”, they aren’t kidding. Not only did they teach him to sing like an angel, he learned how stand in line like one as well. After I saw how well he thrived within the after school program it was practically a no-brainer to enroll him in the school. I was excited to have him in an environment where not only does he get nearly individualized attention in the core subjects of math, English and history, he gets science, art, and languages at level that makes him one of the more well-rounded members of his peer group. And naturally, he gets lots of music. Of course, if you ask him, P.E. is still his favorite.


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