I am amazed

If you are an avid weekend tennis player watching the US Open, you know better than someone who hasn’t played the sport how difficult a shot is to make, how hard it is to put accurate spin on a serve, how tricky it can be to nail a volley. Singing complex harmony without drifting into someone else’s part, starting a song in tune without having your note repeated (never mind modulating keys somewhere in the middle), or memorizing words and passable pronunciation in a non-Romance (however romantic) language that you are unfamiliar with; these are all skills that challenge fully grown professional singers as a person performed a wide variety of vocal music, I can testify to the “degree of difficulty” involved in what the Pacific Boychoir can do. Every time I hear the PBA choir perform, I am amazed all over again at the way our boys make it all look so easy, and the way, in conjunction with their teachers, they make it sound so divine.


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