Student Life & Clubs

Choirs require teamwork.

This philosophy is embedded throughout the program from the daily routines to the annual tours. Leadership qualities are instilled in an environment that encourages self-discipline, persistence, and a goal-oriented mindset.

Our students in both the day school and after school have a tremendous amount of fun, and build lasting friendships across grade levels. Students learn from exposure to completely new environments with faculty who challenge and bring out the best in them.


Panther Basketball highlights from 2019-20 Season

Coach Leo Knudtson

Student Led Clubs

This year, our student-led clubs include Dungeons & Dragons, Cooking Club, LiveAction Role-play, and Stop-Motion Animation.

Every student who wanted to start a club had to gather signatures from interested students, write a charter that aligned the club with PBA’s mission, and make a presentation at Town Hall about his club.

Each club meets once a week and offers an outstanding opportunity for the boys to develop their leadership skills and share their passions with the community. It’s especially noteworthy that all of our club presidents this year come from the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades – and that all of our clubs attract students across a variety of grades.

  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Cooking Club
  • LiveAction Role-play
  • Stop-Motion Animation

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