Student Life

Choirs require teamwork. This philosophy is imbued throughout the program from the daily routines to the annual tours. Leadership qualities and characteristics are instilled from student job daily expectations  to being a camp counselor. Peers elect a Head Boy at the beginning of the school year, and faculty select Lead Boys for a structure that allows peers to practice the skills required for effective communication amongst a large group. Mentorship is embedded into the fabric of every program, nurturing life long skills that will be brought to bear all the way through their lives.

Pacific Boychoir students learn everything from ‘good old-fashioned manners’ that help prepare them for travel, managing their money and remembering their belongings while on tour with an incentive point system, and perhaps most importantly, the self-discipline required to grow and learn how to love to learn, encouraging each chorister to develop an internal self-motivation to pass their next theory card and learn a music piece in order to perform with the older choir.

All the while, our students in both the day school and after school, have a tremendous amount of fun, build lasting friendships across grade levels, and learn from exposure to completely new environments with faculty who challenge and expect so much.


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