Carmina Burana Performances with the Marin Symphony and UC Berkeley

As one who had heard just the first and final movements of Carmina Burana, it was a surprise and delight to hear most of the whole piece at UC Berkeley on April 30, 2022. To summarize the whole immersion in two words: crystalline bombast. There were 150 voices, some, from Pacific Boychoir Academy, as young as eight! How so many beautiful living instruments could be assembled, rehearsed, etc., most on overtaxed schedules, is extraordinary. Most of the throng must have had Tiger Moms, could read music in their sleep, and learned very quickly. Still, it was all Latin, the composer was Orff, and all sang with Covid masks in place! The piece ripped the tears out of people’s eyes from its first notes, and still does, upon repeat viewing of its seismic video recording available at:

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