PBA Notes — September 2023

September 2023

It’s September, which means back to the books and back to the scores at PBA. After resuming international touring in Spain in June, appearing in Carmen on Walnut Creek’s Festival Opera stage, returning to Bishop’s Ranch, and raising greatly appreciated scholarship funds at the Gala, PBA has joyfully — and finally — resumed all normal activities after the disruptions of the pandemic. We’ll share more about some of those activities in future newsletters. What’s happening at 215 Ridgeway now?

In the Classroom


Let’s eat!  Apple pie, that is!  Ms. Amy Jensen’s Spanish class took advantage of the season to harvest apples behind PBA.  In this Spanish immersion activity the boys picked apples, made an apple pie, and then enjoyed eating it together as a community.  There was a catch, though. All of the activities were completed while everyone spoke Spanish. The boys learned special pie-making vocabulary such as azúcar moreno, meaning brown sugar, receta, meaning recipe, and mantequilla, meaning butter. It was a fun and delicious way to fortify and expand Spanish language acquisition.

In the Community

Performances started early in the school and choir season, with the boys’ annual participation in the popular Solano Stroll.  But the choristers were ready for it, with a repertoire ranging from Billy Joel to Rachmaninoff, along with some tricky choreography.   It’s exciting to see how our newest singers rose to the occasion, keeping up with the well-experienced PBA veterans.  One audience member was so enthralled he joined the After School choir program!

PBA is grateful to Day School Grad Henry Geistlinger, who as a proud member of BSA Oakland Troop 202, dedicated part of his Eagle Scout Project to give back to his alma mater.  After a successful GoFundMe campaign, Henry and his his team expertly sank three towering poles in cement right at the front of our beloved school. These poles will soon bear vibrant banners that will not only showcase our pride but also spread the word about the incredible music and education happening right here on Ridgeway Avenue. 

Henry is directing his over-goal campaign funds to PBA.  To see more about his campaign, his large team of volunteers, and the work they accomplished: Henry’s Campaign for PBA.Thank you Henry!

Upcoming Events

Sat., October 28 – Fall Festival @ PBA


Did you know?  PBA started with six choristers 25 years ago! Over 800 have followed in their footsteps!

“What an excellent opportunity and program. I could feel the warmth and enthusiasm the moment I walked through the gate. Looking forward to growing with you.” (New Changed Voices parent)
After School choir auditions and Day School admissions are ongoing. Click here to learn more!

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