PBA Newsletter “PBA Notes” – Number 4


Saturday, May 28, 2022  •  Number 4

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Welcome to our new newsletter!
This is the Pacific Boychoir Academy’s newsletter for our fans, donors, supporters, and families. Keep up with the whirlwind activities of our favorite day school and choir. Short bits of news and photos about the everyday activities of our amazing boys and the beautiful music they make.

Carmina Burana Performances with the
Marin Symphony and UC Berkeley

As one who had heard just the first and final movements of Carmina Burana, it was a surprise and delight to hear most of the whole piece at UC Berkeley on April 30, 2022. To summarize the whole immersion in two words: crystalline bombast. There were 150 voices, some, from Pacific Boychoir Academy, as young as eight!
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Volunteer Highlight: Paul Farrell

In addition to being a handy volunteer at PBA, Paul Farrell is the father of Brenn Farrell, head boy and 8th grader at PBA’s day school.  Paul has many talents.  He is a singer.  Paul has sung with the UC Berkeley Alumni Chorus for many years.  He recently loved singing Carmina Burana with PBA.  Paul is a fixer of many things at home and at PBA.  He is the go-to guy when a toilet or a roof leak, or anything needs fixing.  Read more…

Penny Chase Fundraiser for Ukraine
The Day Schoolers 3rd-7th graders won the Penny Chase. We raised over $822.00 for the CARE’s Ukraine Emergency Fund! Thank you all choristers and families for your generosity!
Hosted by 8th Graders, here are the Penny Chase Official Rules: Pennies and dollar bills count positive towards your total, all other coin denominations (silver: nickels, dimes, quarters) count as negative.
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PBA’s Community Stewardship:
Alameda County Food Bank

PBA’s 7th and 8th grade day school students all got a great workout lifting 50 pound bags of potatoes and onions. The task for the day was to re-package the large bags into small bags that would be given out to the community. The boys were amazed at how much produce fit into one bag and that less than esthetic onions and potatoes were still okay! Read more…

PBA’s Community Yard Sale Results!

We want to thank everyone that donated articles for the sale and all the hard work that made it possible. We made over $1,200.00 in sales on the first day and about $600.00 in sales on the second day. Plus, some items have been sold on Ebay. Overall, we’ve made over $1,800.00. Incredible! Again, thanks to all of your for spreading the word, dropping off donations, or coming to support.  This is a special shout out to all the volunteers, for whom we’d never have been able to pull it off! Thank you!

Sausal Creek Field Trip
Science in our local, natural environment! PBA’s Elementary School students in 3rd and 4th grade recently conducted Field Work at Sausal Creek in Oakland. Prior to their trip, they explored the history of the creek through the book, “I am Sausal Creek”. Led by intrepid science teacher, Leo Knudtson, PBA students hiked up the creek on a mission to understand the state of health of this important watershed.  Read more…

PBA’s Youngest Students Try Out Big Business
Ridgeway Avenue’s newest small business began as an elementary mathematics lesson. Working with recipes provides a perfect opportunity to add and multiply fractions, and a pizza is the perfect visual display of how one whole can be divided into smaller fractional parts. Ever since November, PBA’s 3rd and 4th grade students have wrestled with these mathematical concepts while building their own pizza company on PBA’s campus, providing weekly optional pizza lunches for other students, selling whole pizzas for takeout on Tuesdays, and even catering a parent event. Read more…  (we regret the broken link in the last newsletter).

Steal Away
An African American Spiritual arranged by Moses Hogan

Performed by the Troubadors, Changed Voices and Continuum of the Pacific Boychoir on Sunday, May 22, 2022. Below see notes by conductor Andrew Brown.
Steal Away is a spiritual arranged by Moses Hogan.  The music, written by enslaved people, describes the commitment to escape into freedom.  “Steal away, to Jesus.  Steal away My lord calls me, he calls me by the thunder.  The trumpet sounds within my soul.  I ain’t got long to stay here.”


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